Our Work

What we do

Our work is two fold: The ministry side and humanitarian element.

The purpose of Hope Zimbabwe is to proclaim and demonstrate the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, meeting spiritual, physical and emotional needs of orphans who are homeless and in need of Hope, and to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

The 4 focus areas of HOPE as an entity are:

Helping orphans with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
Outreaches in taking the gospel to the villages, schools, cities and nations.
Pastors and Leaders Conferences across the nations.
Equipping and encouraging the saints through evangelism, leadership & discipleship seminars.

Project Goals

The program includes the following:

  • We have set up a Children’s Home for Orphaned children.
  • We have created a home environment for Orphaned children.
  • We train children for responsible living.
  • Provision of Education and Skills to orphaned children.
  • Creation of employment for the community.
  • The reduction in number of people in need of food.
  • Improvement in health.

Main Objectives

  • The program will help in alleviating the plight of the orphans, widows and the community in general.
  • Constructing a home structure which comprises 16 family houses with couples where the children will be placed.
  • Initiating a child into a home setup.
  • Training all the couples whom the children will be placed under.
  • Offering life skills training to the children and the community.
  • Providing adequate healthcare to the children and the surrounding community by constructing a clinic.
  • Offering educational assistance to all children by sending every child to the surrounding schools.
  • Spiritually nurturing all the children in a Godly manner, by having a chapel built.

There is a lot of activities at the orphanage, employment has been created for the locals. The ongoing Skills Centre construction will  provide training of skills and will be open to the community to utilise. Skills earmarked for the Centre are: carpentry, building, cutting and designing; also offered will be agriculture training including market gardening. The sinking of a borehole has already ensured that the community has access to clean drinking water. This will help also curb diseases like bilharzia and other water borne diseases found in open unprotected areas.

Currently there are undertakes to construct homes which will house the orphans on their transition. Construction of 16 homes that will house 5 orphans and a family will be constructed. The orphans will be absorbed in a family set-up.

At the present moment the organisation is seeking to build at least one house so as to start the orphanage complex running and the housing of some of the orphans whom we are taking care of. With funds acquired from our friends and donors we would like to be able to construct this first house as a stepping stone to the orphanage complex we need to build in the village of Pashu, Binga District in Zimbabwe.

The project intends to address the basic needs of orphans that is, shelter and food. It is envisaged that if shelter is provided it would be easier to provide food when orphans are in place. Most orphans are vulnerable, because they do not have families to look after them. This first stage then addresses the security of the children.

Together with Empty the Orphanage Ministry we are making this project a reality, although still in its initiation stage, we need partners who share the same vision, who will provide the necessary support, morally and financially, Click here to donate

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What We Aim To Do

Hope Ministries Zimbabwe aims to help orphans, reach nations, Equip Believers through evangelism, leadership serminars and pastors' conferences. In Partnership with

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